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Company Overview
  Research achievement & status

Present condition of patent application and registration
* 689862 Composition comprising amlodipline maleate and process
                for preparation thereof
* 821208 Composition comprising meloxicam having improved
                bioavailability and process for preparation tereof

The current completion condition for bioequivalence Test
- amlodipine maleate
- alendronate Na
- Losartan K
- Losartan K / HCTZ
- Metformin HCI 500mg
- Meloxicam SR Tab
- Famotidine
- Ofloxacin
- Imidapril
- Fluconazole
- Pregabalin
- Rebamipide
- Loxoprofen Na
- Olmesartan medoxomil
- Olmesartan medoxomil / HCTZ
- Acetaminophen / Tramadol
- Rosuvastatin calcium
- Choline alfoscerate
- Glimepiride
Research Status
Product name Category Stage of development
ChongMungTang Tablet Cognitive Enhancer Formulation research
SIP-1101 Hepatic Disease Enhancer Investigation
SIP-1102 Allergic Rhinitis Agent Formulation research
SIP-1103 Dementia, Cognitive Enhancer Formulation research
SIP-1104 Hypertension combined Agent Formulation research