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Company Overview

It was founded in 1973 by the founder chairman Se-young Lee with management
philosophy leaving immortal corporate image to protect human life from diseases.

We have been the representative company with our own know-how in manufacturing
natural drugs systemically, through concentrating our all efforts to develop and
produce natural herbal medicine with more scientific approach, from the beginning time.

We are trying to strengthen ourselves as “Specialized in manufacturing generic medicines”
through continuous R&D, expansion of facilities and enhancing personnel manpower,
on the basis of accumulated technology. We have focused all of our core competence
on developing and manufacturing prescription medicines since 2005.

From 1987 our drug was continuously known its excellence to all over the world ,
exporting natural herb medicine and generic drug to china and Southeast Asia area.

Since 1987, our medicine has been continuously known as its excellence to all over the world.
We have been exporting natural herbal medicines and generic medicines to china and
Southeast Asian area.
Company Overview
Company Samik Pharmaceutical Ltd. Establishment 1973
Chairman Se-young Lee
Head Office
15th floor A Tower, 11, Beobwon-ro 11-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
13, Cheongan-ro, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea
Export Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam
2016 Completing bioequivalence test for two POM
Moving our main office to Munjeong Hyundai Knowledge Industrial Center
2014 Completing bioequivalence test for one POM
2013 Completing bioequivalence test for one POM
Signed the investment agreement (MOU) with Wonju city, Kangwondo
Signed the purchase agreement for new site in Wonju enterprise city, Kangwondo
2012 Completing bioequivalence test for three POM
2011 Make an agreement in business of cooperation with Jeollanamdo Jangheung-gun for developing
the new natural drug and completion of the new depository
2010 Completing bioequivalence test for 4 prescription only medicines (POM)
2009 Completing bioequivalence test for one POM
2008 Completing bioequivalence test for two POM
2007 Local sales headoffice launch, Release Gold Nanopia cosmetics set through collaboration
with college of Pharmacy in Woosuk University
2006 Completing bioequivalence test for 6 POMs, making an MOU agreement with college of pharmacy
in Woosuk University
2005 Executing bioequivalence test to 5 POMs
2004 Release “Saecoma Candy” containing Vitamin C for children,Release health functional food,
Joint Glucosamin
2003 Release “Saecoma C (granule type)” containing Vitamin C, Setting up online business team
within the distribution division, Opening Samik health-mall
2002 Directly supplying Brita water purifier to the major discount store of the whole country,
Launching the distribution division
2001 Release anti-inflammatory drug, botarexin composed of pure herb medicinal ingredient
1996 Received Million Dollar Tower Prize
1995 Released “Kidi Jelly”, established the Central Research Institute of Samik Pharmaceutical company.
1994 Started to export “kimax” to China
1987 Started to export “kiddy” to Southeast Asia
1986 Released Cough-Cold preparation “maparam”
1985 Completed GMP factory at Hyoseong-dong, Incheon
1982 Imported and Launched German water purifier “Brita”
1980 Changed into Samik Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
1977 Released a delicate child improver “kiddy”
1973 Established Samik Pharmaceutical Industry