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Total Healthcare Company.
It is SAMIK Pharmaceutical Company LTD.
Samik Pharmaceutical Ltd.
Chairman   Se Young Lee

On behalf of everyone of Samik, I would first like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your encouragement and support throughout the past year and welcome your visiting to our website.

We concentrated all our ability to improve public health through the R&D and manufacture of a number of the over-the-counter drugs famous for excellent efficacy and good quality under the banner of “systemic approach to natural drugs”. The Samik pharmaceutical company which had already established the unchallenged position in the over-the-counter drugs field with systemic approach to natural drugs and had been acknowledged as representative company in the industry made 2005 as the first year to take off to meet demands of the rapidly changing pharmaceutical industry circumstance and executed an innovation to switch its own core competence into the sector of therapeutic prescription only medicine

Aiming for the best technical capability in the field of solid dosage form
Now Samik Pharmaceutical company will establish as Total Health Company in fact as well as in name by devoting itself to the development of new natural drugs , modified drug and to supplementing biomedicine pipeline, marketing its own best medicines globally in R&D and management as well as by continuing in development and manufacture of the therapeutic prescription only medicine based on excellent technology accumulated in the natural drug manufacture industry in the mean-time.

“Realizing Health improvement in harmony with nature”
Please give us your help and encouragement with interest and support continuously to us who are devoting ourselves to establish a welfare society in spite of our poor ability in contributing to Health of mankind under the banner of “realizing health improvement in harmony with nature”

Thank you

Samik Pharmaceutical Ltd.
Chairman   Se Young Lee