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Company Overview
  Corporate Philosophy

Our dream is in leaving
the immortal corporate image to the world to
protect human life from diseases.


Humanism - All the management action is on the basis of respecting human and humanitarian spirit like the company treating human life.
‘Customer satisfaction’, the primary principle in the entire decision making, is directly connected to respecting human life. Especially, recognizing that every employee makes up the company’s most valuable corporate foundations, we are trying to set the best working conditions including salary levels and overall welfare, to let all of the Samik members show their own ability and talent optimally, voluntarily and actively under enriched working environment.


to the wise, beat his brains for idea,
to the wisdomless, sweat and to the wisdom,
the people who does not sweat leave silently.


Establish position as TOTAL HEALTH COMPANY leading 21century with strengthening the discriminatory core competence of the corporate based on the notion “health improvement in harmony with nature