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  R&D Introduction

The Central Research Institute of Samik
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
had carried out formulation studies for the proper release of generic drugs from step toward natural medicine research since it was started 1995.
It is developing disintegrating tablet with improved disintegrating rate compared to the existing drugs, sustained release tablet which release pharmacologically active ingredients and contain functional specificity without adverse effect and drug and syrups packed with stick, excellently safe and easy in the modified drug.

It is sharing information by vitalizing self-seminar to encourage small but strong researchers to show enthusiasm and aiming at the leading research center inviting guest speakers and training overseas to be ahead of times. It would more strive to develop new drugs to strengthen its basis for future corporate aged not 10 but 100years and are developing products like eco-friendly biomedicines using effective microorganism, water purifier business leading providing clean water, the functional health food guaranteeing healthy like to Korean people with the continuous health care using supplemental ingredient and etc. to make people healthy and happy life.
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Pharmaceutical Research Team
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